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    I'm searching for some information on a unique stove my mother is looking for. This stove is manufactured in Michigan, it is a wood/gas burning stove, however, when you are not burning wood it then will kick in and start burning natural gas. Her explanation to me was: If you are burning wood and then go to bed, the fire goes out because you are not up to tend to it. Once the stove cools to a certain temperature, the gas takes over to warm the house, this is all from the same unit. I have been search for information for a while and have been unsuccessful. I am hoping for any information you may be able to give me. My mother is building her dream house and would like to purchase this stove for her home.


    There are furnaces and boilers (whole house heaters) that switch fuels as you describe, however I know of no freestanding stove or fireplace which does this.

    For a hot water multi-fuel boilers, see http://www.woodboilers.com/.

    For Hot air products, there are a couple of manufacturers, including a company called Yukon.

    Link: Yukon Furnaces

    Link: Tarm Boilers
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