Q&A Wood and Gas Stoves, do they exist?

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Nov 27, 2012


I searched your Q&A but did not find my questions.

I am interested in knowing if a combination wood/gas stove exists. I wish to place it in my basement and run off city gas most of the time (for the purpose of heating the basement). However, I would like to be able to use it if the power goes off, and/or the gas goes off with say wood. In that case, when it would be my only source of heat, I would like to make sure the unit is large enough to keep the house at say 50 degrees, so I could stay here during extended outages and the pipes wouldn't freeze. Is the wood/gas stove my solution or do you suggest something else?


Try the Multi-Fuel furnaces at http://www.yukon-eagle.com - or Multi-Fuel boilers at http://www.woodboilers.com/

Link: Yukon Furnaces

Link: Tarm Boilers
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