Wood burning fireplace that qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit

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Mar 24, 2023
North Carolina
Hi All. I just joined the site to learn more about high-efficiency wood fireplaces that qualify for the upgraded tax credit program. I'm building a new home and want to take advantage of the tax beak, while at the same time install a high-quality wood burning fireplace (not insert).

I understand qualifying appliances must meet or exceed 75% HHV, but having a tough time finding any fireplaces that meets those standards. You would think the manufacturers would be responding to this incentive by putting out more qualifying units.
Any advice /guidance from this group would be appreciated.
I do not think many fireplaces do qualify. And the ones that do are big (like 4.0 cuft). The Montecito Estate is one that comes to mind that qualifies.
The last time I checked, the Astria Montecito Estate was still the only one.
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