Modern aesthetic wood inserts that qualify for tax credit

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Sep 3, 2023
Hi All,

As the title says, I'm looking for a wood insert with a modern aesthetic that qualifies for the 30% tax credit. Our space has something of a minimalist, Scandinavian feel--white paint, white birch floors, lots of big windows--so many of the common/traditional wood insert designs would look out of place. I absolutely love the Jotul i520F and the Morso 5660B, but it appears that neither qualify for the federal tax credits.

Any thoughts? All help is appreciated!

Thank you,
I don't think the Jotul insert is available in the US. Take a look at the Osburn Inspire 2000 and Osburn Matrix which are listed as qualifying.
If you had to choose between looks and the tax credit which would win??

What are the dimensions of your fireplace?
I'm curious if there has been further discussion/resolution of which inserts qualify for 2023?

I know in the stickied thread (above) the linked EPA data base does not say that Osburn 3500 qualifies but SBI issued a certificate saying that they did.

Has there been any resolution as to the standards used and/or the IRS's acceptance of inserts that do qualify for the credit?

Are there other manufacturers besides SBI who are issuing certificates for stoves that don't meet the 75% cutoff on the EPA database?

The HPBA website shows this "Retailer" aid page, which clearly states "75% HHV" as the cutoff:

Like the OP, I'm back looking at inserts but would like some assurance that the tax credit will indeed be forthcoming!
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Folks are reporting getting the tax credit with their SBI stoves that have been issued a certificate of compliance by SBI. That puts the burden of proof on the stove company.
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This is pretty interesting to me as well.

I see that off they have a PDF here that claims the Osburn 3500 qualifies but based on the data from the EPA on I don't see how that fits I might reach out to Osburn to get more info as this would open up a number of options for myself if it actually qualifies.
Get whatever stove you like! Don't fall for tax credit shenanigans, it's all a sham. Manufacturers know the tax credit system better than anybody and adjust their pricing accordingly, making them the actual beneficiaries.
What did you decide? I'm looking for the same ideal. I want the tax credit because I want low emissions. I'm worried the MF Novo 2 has too many issues with smoke rollout. My friend has an Osburn and it burns beautifully, no smoke rollout and long burn times. It's not as modern as I like. The Inspire looks cool to me but I wonder if the glass for viewing is too small. That brings me to the Stuv. I really like the Supreme Novo but they have a high emission rate and don't qualify.