Wood Fireplace Insert With Biggest Viewing Area

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New Member
Jan 4, 2020
Last winter I had a drolet 1800 wood insert installed. Overall pretty happy with the product and was the best bang for the buck.

My only complaint is the viewing area, I wonder if there exist a company thats making wood inserts where viewing areal is bigger.

I checked osburn insert, some of the stoves look really modern and sleek but when I consider the viewing area it does not seem be much bigger than my drolet 1800i.

I have 2 old masonry fireplaces in my house and I am looking for another fireplace with bigger viewing area. Can you please recommend me something?

Thank you.


Jul 27, 2020
Kitsap County, WA
I didn't take measurements, but when I was shopping around for inserts, the flush-mount models by Lopi and Regency seemed to have the largest viewing areas


Minister of Fire
Oct 4, 2014
Large flush hybrid made by Travis ( lopi, fireplace extraordinary, avalon) . Around 4 k in my area.


New Member
Aug 14, 2020
Pottstown, PA
I was looking at a blaze king sorocco 25 or ashford 25 today. Huge viewing glass, but catalytic and I can't find any videos of what the fire looks like in this insert. I don't want something that just smolders forever without being able to turn it up and get a good flame going.


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Video of a Princess burning posted in the other thread. Same tech in a different firebox.