Wood gun, vigas, econoburn recommendation

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At this point I think ours is going to be retired. The water has to be coming from the copper tubing that surrounds the firebox so repairing the steel wall will not stop the leak. When I shut off the water supply to the boiler, everything dried up in a couple days. We are not quite sure where to go from here. Definitely will not be looking at econoburn again.
The propane fueled boiler we use in spring and fall is about 40 years old, so we could gain some efficiency by replacing that unit, but I am hesitant to move away from wood. Open to suggestions or recommendations.
Look into the Switzer boiler. Good unit. Message me if you want to take a look at mine.
I would to think twice about the Vigas. I have mine for 10 years and love it but getting parts here in the US is difficult. There is only one dealer and currently not very responsive.
I would like to update my previous post. The dealer finally got back to me. Parts are available through him or Vigas direct in Europe. The dealer in Europe wash very responsive.