Wood stove and backdraft

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Hi! My wife and I just bought our first house in Maine. We have a finished basement with a wood stove. We had chimney guys do work on our 3 flues including lining the basement wood stove with a stainless liner and insulation.

When I first light the wood stove, I do it slowly so I can get my system heated. Even then, I get probably 20% of the smoke backdrafted into my basement. Enough to make the basement gray and smell of smoke.

I have no windows down there, it adjoins to my utility room and garage.

I’m having an ERV system installed to hopefully balance out any negative air pressure and honestly I want some fresh air vented down there

What are others thoughts on this or have any recommendations on what I can do to prevent the backdraft especially if the ERV doesn’t help?
Adding outside air will be a big help but there are some other things the most recent is a stack inducer which is a heater designed into the flue it plugs into 110 outlet and has a snap disk that kicks off when adequate heat is reached for natural draft or to stop the down draft they run about $400.00 though.