Q&A wood stove disposal

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Nov 27, 2012

I have a Nordic (made in Lovelock, Nevada, don't know if they're still in business or not) that is being replaced with a modern, cleaner-burning model (not sure which yet). There was a program last year where stoves were removed for free; a local dealer here says he'll take mine away for $100. I wonder if there are no-cost ways to dispose of these old clunkers? I doubt anybody would want to take away this dirty, inefficient stove, so I'm figuring I need to find some other means. Any ideas? Thanks...


No, I do not think they are in business anymore., however, it would seem as if you could get it removed for nothing...or even get paid for it. In our areas (eastern US) there is a decent market for used stoves, and it might fetch $150. plus have them haul it away. However, if you want to make certain it does not get used (because it burns dirty, etc), then a scrap yard might be the only option....and they do not usually do pickups on such things.
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