Wood Stove flue facade JOTUL

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May 1, 2024
New York
Hi all,

I would like to ask for your help and orientation. I plan on buying a stove, Jotul F136.

My idea is to take the smoke outlet by the facade. In order not to break anything, I have thought to go around the gutter and have a total of four 45 degrees elbows. My question is, with a 20 feet fue, single interior flue and double external flue, do you think there will be any problem with the smoke outlet? Attached a picture with the measures.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Wood Stove flue facade JOTUL
I believe you will need to rethink your design. 45 degree elbows are not available or approved in Class A chimneys. 30 degrees is max. The thimble at 45 degrees is also not approved.
You have a source for the F136? It’s not listed on Jotul USA
There are angled thimbles. Honestly I’d make it simpler. All interior double wall. Set your pass through at minimum clearance from ceiling and do a horizontal. Two 45s inside up the the pass through. Out to a T (with clean out) with enough horizontal run to clear the roof then straight up. You have enough height that I don’t see the 2-45s and a 90 being an issue.
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