Wood Stove Insert decision- Englander or Drolet?

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Nicely done!
Thanks! Glad i didn't go with the bigger one. This one can cook me out of my office. I've been putting a fan in different locations trying to move colder air down the stairs to force the warm air up. I guess it's somewhat working. 28 degress outside. 69-70 up the stairs on main floor. Fire place room has to be 80+ degrees. I have a small fan at the bottom of the stairs blowing towards stove. Wife isn't too keen on fans and extension cords all over. Claims i turn the house into a constriction zone. Any better ideas on getting the air to the main floor? And what are the thoughts on putting through vents in the ceiling so heat will rise to the upstairs bedrooms?

I have been contemplating the drolet 1800 also but have a similar issue with the mantle clearance. Did you install a shield on your mantle ? If so how’s it working out?
Also how are you liking the 1800 so far ? Thanks