Wood stove insert for our home... Napolean Oakdale or Buck 91? Thoughts?

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Oct 31, 2022
Long Island
Hello everyone! My name is Sameer and I would like to ask a question to the nice people on Hearth forums. I live on Long Island NY, in a particularly wooded area that is known for outdoorsy people. Lots of people around here own horses and chickens, that sort of thing. My wife and I have a simple but nice house in this area.

We have a fireplace that was built in the '60s along with the original house. My kids are scouts and we burn a lot of wood just because we enjoy it, and also we spend a lot of time in our living room together and a fire is important to our time together.

Anyway, I would like to buy a nice wood stove insert and the choices are just too vast! I went to a showroom with my wife and we left with more questions that we started with. Then, I went online to see what the options were and I realized that there were even more options! So I thought that I'd ask for some unbiased advice from everyone here.

We have a fireplace that can accommodate an Osburn 2700, but the problem is that they're out of stock and will not be delivered until February. I went here: https://www.efireplacestore.com/wood-burning-fireplace-inserts.html , and the items that are "in stock" are there.

Our first priority is making heat, and the 2700 seemed like it really put out a lot of heat into our home. Now the nicest model available is the Napolean Oakdale, but I'm worried about the amount of heat it puts out - we don't just want it to look nice! Especially at that price point, that will be a major expense for us so we want it to be functional as well as beautiful for our home. What are your thoughts on the Oakdale?

Something else that I liked about the 2700 was the fresh air inlet that was available. I like the idea of bringing in fresh air from outside, so that we don't vent heated air from inside the house up the chimney. I'm not sure if the Oakdale has such a feature.

I'm also a little bit torn between the Oakdale and the Buck model 91. The Buck 91 seems very rugged and long lasting, a little bit more rustic looking which is not terrible. So I guess I'm asking your pro's and con's between the Napolean Oakdale vs Buck 91? I'm also open to suggestions for a different brand, the only reason I'm looking at these is because they're on the e-fireplace store website.

So thank you for any advice you can give me! We're hands on people and not afraid to maintain, clean the fireplace. Thank you!
If heat output is the primary criterion then the Buck 91 with its bigger belly, will be the better bet. Rather than the 1.8 cu ft Oakdale, the larger 2.5 cu ft Napoleon S25i insert would be a better bet. Note that the Buck 91 insert takes an 8" liner and be sure there is room for it in the chimney. It should be insulated which will give it a diameter of about 9". Also, make sure it will fit. The Napoleon S25i takes a 6" liner.

Have you checked other sources including local dealers for a large Regency or Pacific Energy insert? Who will be installing the insert?

PS: The Osburn Matrix 2700 is sold at several online dealers. Check around for remaining stock. Also look at the Osburn Inspire 2000 if available and its sibling, the Drolet Escape 1800i.
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