Wood Stove Recommendation for Super Funky Fireplace in an Open Floor Plan - Osburn Inspire?

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Oct 30, 2020
Hey all - I've got a funky 4 sided fireplace located in the middle of the open floor plan living room/kitchen/dining room area, and I'm finally going to move forward with getting a wood stove installed. You can see pics of the fireplace from my post from 2 years ago here.

Anyways, the fireplace has already been retrofit for a wood stove and has a stainless steel liner already cut through the damper, so now it's a matter of picking out the right stove. The house is all 1 floor and is about 2.8K sq/ft; the open concept area where the fireplace is located is about 1.2K sq/ft.

The fireplace doesn't have a lot of vertical clearance (about 29" max), so I'm limited with the stoves I can buy, but I've been looking really hard at the Osburn Inspire stove on the minimalist base. Does anyone have experience with this stove? Was also looking at the PE Super Classic LE. Are there any other low clearance stoves I should also look at?

I also wouldn't be able to run a blower, but was thinking I could have a fan a few feet behind the stove blowing on it, and I know having fans located in adjacent rooms blowing in the stove's direction can help circulate the heat; do you all think this stove would be able to be a primary heat source for at least the large open area during the winter months in the PNW, where nights are typically ranging from 20F - 40F?

Thanks in advance for your help
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29" height is the gating factor. The Inspire 2000 on the minimalist base could work there. Or a larger 3 cu ft insert with no surround might be an option. Whatever the stove, a block-off plate will help keep the heat in the living space. Why couldn't a blower be run?
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@begreen - thanks for the response. The previous owners left the damper in place and cut through it to install the liner - would this maybe be a good standing for a block-off plate?

Re: a blower, I suppose I could run one, but not sure how to get electricity to the blower in an inconspicuous or non-intrusive way. I wouldn't mind pointing a fan at the stove if it will have a decent positive effect.

Wood Stove Recommendation for Super Funky Fireplace in an Open Floor Plan - Osburn Inspire?
Depending on how close the nearest outlet is, there are cord minders and hiders to run power discretely to the stove. Or have an outlet installed behind it within 6 ft.
If that is a 6" liner then it looks ready to connect. Have it cleaned and inspected first for integrity.