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Black oak farm

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Dec 17, 2021
Good morning. We recently relocated to eastern idaho and purchased a home with a hurricane wood stove. The home is a multi level 2700 sq feet home. There are vent with fans to push the heat from the wood stove throughout the house. My first question is has anyone used a hurricane woodstove and what they think of it? My second in what is people recommendation for a replacement. I was looking at the blaze king 40 but was wondering if there is any stoves that arent so cost prohibitive. I'd like to keep it in the 3500 range. Also does anyone have a recommendation for a camera to check the flue? We had a flue fire at our previous house(3 weeks after it was cleaned and inspected) and are super aware of flue fires.

Wood stove recommendations a Wood stove recommendations a Wood stove recommendations a
Stove prices right now are crazy high. Supply is low and some dealers are asking 2-3x last year's prices. Your best bet for a large stove that doesn't cost an arm and a leg would be a Drolet Austral III (Myriad or Legend) or HT3000.

Modern stoves are not going to support this ducting arrangement. Is there a basement? If so, a wood furnace may be worth looking into.

Have a professional sweep come out and inspect the flue system. The person may also note that this is not a safe installation if that is only a fake rock veneer on the wall behind it. Unless the stove has tested UL clearances on a label on the stvoe, it needs 36" clearance all around. This can be reduced to 12", but not with just a rock veneer.