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    I have a house and masonry fireplace that was built in 1950, the chimney was never capped and the heatilator unit rusted out. We have removed the granite front and the rusted unit and are now left with a masonry hole in the wall. I have been to several area fireplace dealers that tell me the Vermont Castings Winter Warm fireplace is the only woodburning, not zero-clearance, looks like a fireplace not a stove option available to me. I am trying to be an informed consumer and would like to know all my options before making a decision. Any alternatives you can suggest would be appreciated.


    There are a few companys that make replacement Heatilator "insides" that can be used to restore your fireplace to it's original condition. One is Bellfire of Long Island, NY. The other is Copperfield Chimeney, who prints a catalog that most chimney sweeps have access to. You could then use the fireplaces as an open one, or install glass doors and/or any insert.
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