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rutnstrut Posted By rutnstrut, Oct 21, 2012 at 2:43 PM

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    Planning on installing a wood stove in my pole barn garage. I have the wood stove positioned and the single wall black pipe installed up to the 90 that will go through the wall of the pole barn. I installed a 13 inch diameter ceramic crock through the side of the pole barn and placed on the inside brick all the way around the crock. This encased the crock from any combustibles. As i run the single wall pipe through the crock to the outside, do i then connect to double wall stainless pipe and if so is there a connector to affix the two pipe. or could i continue with the single wall pipe and finish the job.
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    The single-wall connector stays entirely indoors. There's no need for the crock. You just put a short 18-24" stub of class A (double-wall stainless HT pipe) off the snout of the tee and connect to it on the interior. A weather-tite flashing is siliconed to the building and pipe on the exterior side.

    The connection from single-wall to the class A will depend on the brand of pipe. There usually is an adapter like in this setup.

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