Yankee Bay / Lopi Combustion Blower - Should it spin freely?

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Jan 2, 2018
Hi - I'm troubleshooting an issue with my yankee bay pellet insert. I've been trying to track down a "knocking" sound with the unit. I took it apart tonight and cleaned the combustion blower and noticed the the blades do not spin freely when spinning it with my hand. Is this normal? I assumed that it would take little to no effort to spin with one finger, and then of course spin a few rotations. I'm starting to suspect the bearings are shot but was hoping someone could confirm. The knocking sound does go away if I apply pressure to the motor when its in use and mounted to the housing, however no matter how tight I crank the bolts down that are attached to the rubber gromets the knocking continues. The part number is Lopi # 93005535

Thanks in advance.
Is the impeller blade bent at all? Or is there something in the housing that it can make contact with? Yes the motor should spin freely. A drop of 3 in1 oil on each end of the armature shaft might free it up
Thanks for your reply Ssyko. Yeah I tried some 3/1 oil and it didn't seem to help much. I guess I'll try replacing the motor.