Your thoughts on installing metal chimney up side of interior wall and using thimble into

MI Feller Posted By MI Feller, Mar 24, 2010 at 3:32 AM

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  1. MI Feller

    MI Feller
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    Feb 9, 2010
    Appreciate the great comments on interior masonry chimneys on an older thread. About to remodel and ready for new chimney but wouldn't have to be masonry. Considering a boxed in 6" metal up interior wall thru a cathedral ceiling (1) Could you thimble into it thru wall same as with a masonry? (2) What would the cleanout be like? I'm guessing it would be a cap/plug at bottom so you could run a brush all the way down through it. (3) With this type installation would you make front panel removeable so as to be able to examine chimney top to bottom occassionally?
  2. oconnor

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    Usually a metal flue would have a ceiling box where the smoke pipe from the stove connects to the flue. Cleaning is done by having the soot fall into the stove or a bucket.

    Any thimbles would be as the factory provides them - give the Selkirk website a look, they have some good planning tools there.
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    Seems like it could be done if all clearances were honored. But I can't see introducing a tee in the system with a cathedral ceiling or even boxing in the pipe. Keep it straight and simple if possible. It will draft and look better.

    PS: What stove is getting connected to this flue system?

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