ZC fireplace replacement and chimney questions.

Dpxmed Posted By Dpxmed, Aug 12, 2019 at 11:07 PM

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    Aug 12, 2019
    Hi, new to the forum but have been trying to search on my own for the answers, but no luck. I bought a house that had a prefab zc fireplace with Supervent (jsc) 8" ID class A chimney. The fireplace gives off very minimal heat and is burning through wood ( no pun intended). We would like to replace with a more efficient fireplace.

    We had a quote from a local company for around $11,000 for replacement and reusing our chimney. It was a Wilkining grandview and all the install, but no mudding of drywall, or putting up a surround....etc but anyways...I asked for another quote if i did all the framing and such, so the requested quote was just for the fireplace, install to current class A chimney and fresh air intake...but they havent gotten back to me in 3 weeks.

    Anyone know of any other manufactured fireplaces (wood) that i could use with the Supervent (jsc) 8" exhaust? The chimney is in great shape, I'd hate to have to tear it out.

    Can I run a 6" flue liner down the Supervent Class A chimney and basically pick any ZC fireplace i would like that has a 6" exhaust?.

    Hope I explained the situation competently, and appreciate any help or info.
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    You cannot run a liner through your chimney to a zero clearance fireplace. You need to use a chimney approved specifically for what ever unit you get.
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