ZC fireplace to alcove conversion

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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
This is a neighbor's setup that went in last fall. Unfortunately, I don't have any before pics, but prior to this install, there was a badly trashed ZC fireplace in this spot. Late last summer they stopped by and checked out our T6 and decided to get the new LE model. They gutted the chase, then insulated it, covered the insulation with cement board, then sheet steel on 1" spacers with a 1" gap top and bottom. The stovepipe transitions to class A chimney at the ceiling level with a 2nd-floor firestop. Yes, the madrona plank on top is a few inches below the 7' alcove ceiling. It's on a french cleat and can be lifted off easily in case they notice any issues, but this seems unlikely.

The PE T6 LE heated their 2400 sq ft throughout the winter. There is a wall fan that blows air into the living room and one in the dining room that blows cooler air from the dining area into the stove room. This creates a convective loop that has worked out well for them. They went through about 4 cords, some of which they admit was not fully seasoned. They just moved into the house a year ago and had their hands full. This year they have a good amount of firewood already seasoning for the fall.

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