ZC Propane vs. ZC Wood?

Sean01701 Posted By Sean01701, Feb 27, 2013 at 9:56 PM

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    Looking for some feedback on ZC (zero clearance) propane fireplace vs a wood version. The fam is considering building a new home and I am coming from a house with a hyper-seasoned VC resolute III (early 80's version). So, wood heat will be difficult to part with. Standard home comes with propane insert but I don't know what kind. Assuming ZC wood fireplace is an expensive upgrade assuming a flush profile. Hwam 3055ZC or Napoleon NZ3000 are the front runners if we go the wood route. I see propane is running about 3 bucks / gallon in Massachusetts. Don't know how far that goes in a propane insert. I'm assuming as far as fuel, wood is a better value proposition, and its just cooler to burn wood. Can you find my bias? How long to recoup the incremental cost of wood vs propane stove insert?

    Any help and input most welcome.

    With Thanks
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    I have the Napoleon NZ3000, and that thing is an amazing heater. I honestly don't think you'd get that kind of heat out of a propane unit, but I cant say for sure. Here's a link to my install....check it out.


    We love that fireplace, but it has its own little quirks. It likes medium-sized splits, and it likes them to be really dry (we season our wood for three years). It all boils down to whether or not you want to pay a heating bill or if you mind dealing with wood....

    I also see quite a few members on here that own the Quadrafire 7100, which is an amazing heater as well. We fell in love with the old fashioned looks of the NZ3000, and I utilized all the optional ducts to transfer heat throughout the house.....
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    The Heat & Glo Northstar is another serious ZC wood burner. Gas units are nice. I've got two, an insert & a ZC box, but I don't care for the fluctuations in the price of LP & I may pull the insert in favor of a pellet burner. The fireplace stays until I feel like tearing the great room apart. I originally wanted a wood burner, like a Hearthstone Mansfield or a Jotul Firelight but 37 feet of chimney (we have a 24/12 pitch Aframe) would have looked like an unexploded Scud missile sticking out of my roof because of the loaction in the house. I know I could have moved it to keep the connector in the envelope of the house, but I lost THAT battle rather quickly... I've burned EVERYTHING but coal for my winter heat & we went with pellets for primary, mainly because it's cleaner than cord wood, with the LP for a "take the chill off" backup & oil for the DHW (for now).
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