Zero clearance fireplace identification

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Nov 3, 2020
After hours of research I have given up in my effort to figure this out. I have a zero-clearance but I am not able to locate any plate on it nor any other information. I have checked in the firebox, on the top, around the edges, nothing. I have found a few others that have similar feature but no match. Does anyone have an idea of what kind of fireplace this is? I am not pulling it out just would like to know (and maybe get some new doors for it). I have inserted two high temp fans in the space between the inner firebox and the outer cabinet (the switch in the lower right is not original). In addition, above the fireplace are two heat exhaust ducts (like an old heatilator but without the input ducts below). The heat exhaust ducts are fed through openings at the top of the outer cabinet and the airflow is through the metal mesh you see surrounding the fireplace opening. The damper is in the center and it slides side to side. Not sure if it is original, but the handle is wooden like the handle on a Majestic WMC36. Any ideas what this could be?
Zero clearance fireplace identification