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    Is this an old Blaze King Princess and what is wrong?

    Hi This stove has no markings, no labels. After searching for a very long time online I deducted that it is likely a Blaze King I contacted a BK dealer who thinks it is an older Blaze King Princess... about 30-40 years old. The dealer says they talked to Blaze King after I sent photos (posted...
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    Zero clearance fireplace identification

    After hours of research I have given up in my effort to figure this out. I have a zero-clearance but I am not able to locate any plate on it nor any other information. I have checked in the firebox, on the top, around the edges, nothing. I have found a few others that have similar feature but...
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    Oak? Need Help Identifying Wood Type

    Hi all! New to the forum but I’ve been burning wood, bucking and splitting for about a year since I moved into my grandmother’s home to caretake it for her. Many gorgeous trees on the property: Maples (different varieties), glorious Oaks, Dogwood, Mulberry...on 2 acres of property- needless to...
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    Agricola Supreme Wood/Coal burning cooktop

    Hello, I'm looking for any information on Agricola Furnaces and Stoves. I have one and can't seem to find much on these stoves! I'll post a photo. I'd love to find out what they are worth. Not looking to sell, it's an amazing piece for our cabin! Looking to collect more as I just aquired a 1930s...