blaze king princess

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  1. S

    Breaking in a brand new Blaze King Princess 29 insert

    Hey all, after doing tons of research we ordered a Blaze King Princess 29 insert to help heat our old historic home (Chicagoland, IL, USA). Originally was supposed to ship in October but due to supply chain issues, we only just received it this week. But thankfully we got it installed, and now I...
  2. J

    2010 used BK Princess in newly constructed alcove

    I'm planning a new alcove from the living room into the garage. Used BK Princess PE32 has a fan kit, total width of 27". Replacing 10 year old Catalytic Combustor. BK specifies minimum alcove width of 47", maximum depth of 48" with minimum height of 44" from top of stove (that's 77" tall...
  3. fallingpines

    New Princess 29 Insert - Questions - Running Very Hot & Installation

    New member here, just got a BK Princess 29 Insert on Tuesday. This one replaced a 93? Country Comfort 350cc left by the previous owner. I think the final measurement of the chimney was 25.2 from base of hearth to the top of the original liner, final ss liner was around 22.5 after an elbow was...
  4. H

    Blaze King Princess everything has gone haywire.

    This is a four month old stove. Three weeks ago, I noticed that our catalytic thermometer range had gone from within the painted inactive/active zones to at the coldest straight “south” and will heat more than 360 degrees around when I have it ripping. Not sure what happened? then two days...
  5. P

    Blaze King Princess

    hello. thanks for adding me as a member. we are proud new owners of a Blaze King Princess Ultra. our first fire was Friday, that's how every new we are. we have no knowledge or experience of our own with Blaze King and are basing our actions on what we can glean from YouTube, forums like this...
  6. G

    Why to buy local

    I purchased a Blaze King Princess November of 2014 with the 10 year combustor warranty from a dealer about 2hrs away from my house. Fast forward to last year when the combustor started failing. At the beginning of August this year I contacted BK about getting a new combustor, they referred me to...
  7. J

    Calling on Kuma Sequoia owners... (also BK Princess)

    I'm thinking of purchasing my first wood stove, an insert, and have until year-end to capture a rather significant state tax credit of about $1,300. After reading this site for weeks I suppose I am vacillating toward a cat model. Purpose is to heat a 2-story, 2600 square foot home of modern...