2010 used BK Princess in newly constructed alcove

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Jul 3, 2022
Los Alamos NM
I'm planning a new alcove from the living room into the garage.
Used BK Princess PE32 has a fan kit, total width of 27". Replacing 10 year old Catalytic Combustor.
BK specifies minimum alcove width of 47", maximum depth of 48" with minimum height of 44" from top of stove (that's 77" tall alcove.

Current plans a
- new cement base in the garage reinforced with rebar and laid saltillo tile.
- 2x4" Metal studs with Durock cement board for walls.
- Saltillo tile 12" on floor and 6" squares on alcove walls and ceiling.
- No plans for an air pocket in the walls. Not sure how to do an air gap in this design.
- Looking into top of alcove being a half dome ceiling open into the living room to allow heat escape. No idea how to make this happen.
- Considering vents that open and close into the garage at the top of the alcove and base of the open half dome. Seems good from an OAK and getting some heat into the garage.

Current living room to garage wall is 6" thick with 5/8" sheetrock on garage wall.

I'm at 7,320 feet of altitude looking at chimney 3' above highest point of roof. That's 14' total straight flue.

Working these things out for the building permit.

What problems do you see? Any advice is appreciated.
If the alcove meets or exceeds the minimum clearance requirements then there is no need to ventilate the walls. Consider doing a sloped ceiling that is higher in the front than rear to facilitate heat flow.
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In the search tool type in "Blaze King Alcove" and you'll find lots of cool designs from DIY'ers.