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  1. warm_jack

    Stove Pipe setup

    Hi there all, stove newb here (but otherwise fairly handy and technically minded). Just brought in a new Pleasant Hearth 1800 sqft/63000 BTU 6" D wood stove to hook up to an already existing chimney and ceiling/finishing support added previously by previous owners. I've got about 65" from the...
  2. B

    Old Duravent 9-DCR-P?

    Trying to figure out if there is any way to utilize my existing stove pipe, I suspect it is original to the house. I’m aware duravent changed hands several times but unsure what that means for connecting a new wood stove to this. I’m remodeling and would like to install a new wood stove. Any...
  3. O

    Discoloration (interior)Stainless Steel Flue Pipe

    This morning I was having a fire in my tiny house (stove installed last fall). The fire was dying down so I threw a little piece of split wood on as well as an old end piece of 1x6 fencing that was unstained but I am worried may have been treated. I was aware I shouldn't burn dimensional lumber...
  4. H

    Wood stove install struggles - what's the right adapter?

    Hi, folks! We are trying to set up a wood stove in our basement and have some kind of double-walled chimney pipe sticking out from the brick wall about 4.5". Neither the 6" nor the 8" Selkirk "universal chimney adapter" quite fit. From what I have read/seen, it seems we don't need a masonry...
  5. Evelyn

    Radiant floors and Wiseway clearances

    Hi! First Post! We have a couple concerns before we can buy a Wiseway Pellet Stove. We will be replacing a Bixby stove and using that chimney. 1) The existing chimney is 3” surrounded by 5” double walled construction. The existing vent goes through a SuperiorWall concrete wall and out the...
  6. webfish

    Calculators Chimney Liner Size Calculator And Selection Guide

    This handy guide is provided to assist you in choosing the right size and type of chimney liner for your home.
  7. L

    L. Lange & Co. Stove 6302-3 KJ

    Hi all, I am looking for more info on the value of this wood burning stove. I am also selling it with the chimney as well. I tried searching the forums here, but I am having difficulty getting a clear picture of its value. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. G

    Chimney Pipe All The Way?

    I'll be venturing in to joining the ranks here as a wood burner stove owner hopefully this weekend. As I'm reading everything I can find and burning up YouTube install videos to gather information, I'm still a bit confused on something. Should the double-wall, insulated chimney pipe be ran all...