epa 2020

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  1. A

    Jotul F45 Greenville EPA 2020 stove burning hot

    I’ve setup my new EPA 2020 Jotul F45 Greenville and have burned it for a little over a week now. I don’t feel as if I have control over it and it’s hard to turn down the fire and control the temperature. I am wondering if it’s burning too hot and I am getting an over fire. I have 17’ of pipe...
  2. N

    Hearthstone Manchester or Shelburne for a 1200-1800Sqft home? Or other recommendations, needs to be REAR-VENTing

    Hi all! Recently purchased a new home and we are replacing a problematic stove (missing some parts etc). We have a chimney build into the home with a large (8"?) diameter hole for a stove pipe vent to be attached to it and that's how the last stove was, so we are looking for wood stoves with...
  3. B

    Are there any double sided wood stoves certified under the EPA 2020 regulations?

    I've located the EPA's list of certified wood stoves that meet the new 2020 regulations, but cannot tell (without looking up each stove individually) whether any stove has a double-sided option. We are updating a two-sided fireplace and would like to take advantage of the EPA's tax credit if...
  4. John Ackerly

    Will new EPA searchable stove database help consumers?

    There are lots of concerns about the new EPA searchable database that is replacing their old excel spread sheet list of certified stoves. With this one, you can search out those stoves designed for and tested with cordwood, for example. You can also sort by grams per hour, CO per minute...
  5. R

    Osburn Matrix Updated Version?

    Hi, I just ordered an Osburn Matrix from Woodland Direct yesterday. Early this morning I noticed that on the Osburn site there is a slightly updated version showing. I thought I might have been imagining things, but I still had an old copy of the page open on my phone and took screenshots...
  6. M

    Reverting an Old Farmhouse to Wood Heat

    Although I’ve been reading this forum extensively, I’m a new member here and this is my first post. I hope it is not too long. We recently acquired a farm including an 1896 typical Ontario working farmer's 1 1/2 storey re-brick farmhouse with a centre gable front second storey window. There are...