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    Strong Draft and Flue Temps

    Hi everyone, I am new to wood stoves this winter, and I've been leaning heavily on this forum as a resource for safe and efficient burning. Thanks for all of your insights because they've been very helpful in getting started. My questions revolve around strong draft and safe operating flue...
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    Lopi Evergreen: old vs new hybrid model

    Dear Community! A seller from our local store says they have couple of older discontinued Evergreen models that don't have that catalytic converter, but only those re-burn pipes. I have heard that catalytic converter might be a pain to maintain. And I saw couple of posts here where people...
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    VC Montpelier II vs Lopi Evergreen vs Lopi Flush Wood for 2.2k sq ft home

    Dear community! We recently moved to our very first house (in MA) and faced huge bills for that oil fired boiler. So we decided to use our fireplace and put in an insert wood stove to save on that heating bill. In fact we've almost been talked into install in a propane one, but after evaluating...
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    Lopi Evergreen

    Hello, This past weekend I put money down to hold a Lopi Evergreen Stove, as they had a couple non-hybrid models left in stock. I've never owned a wood stove before. I've done quite a bit of reading on here and research. I'm starting to wonder if I should go with the Endeavor, due to it...
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    Lopi Evergreen vs Hearthstone Clydesdale for wood insert install

    Hi there! I am trying to decide between a Lopi Evergreen and Hearthstone Clydesdale. I am currently in NE ohio and house is a little less than 2000 sq ft. It has 2 levels (ground and basement). I currently heat my house primarily off of oil and would like to use the wood insert as my primary...
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    Lopi Evergreen Insert Baffle Cap Falling

    As the title states, I had the Lopi Evergreen Insert installed this fall. The baffle cap has fallen a handful of times, and the installer keeps coming back out to "fix" it. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Thanks!
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    Ironstrike (Lennox) Grandview 230 or Lopi Evergreen

    I have never owned a wood burning stove before and have visited two stores multiple times now and searched through the forums. The two main contenders has come down to the Lopi Evergreen and the Ironstrike (Lennox) Grandview 230. I live in the Hudson Valley area of NY and my house is a...
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    Small vs Medium stove based on ???

    i am looking to purchase one of two Lopi stoves, the 1250 or the Evergreen. The 1250 is considered small and the Evergreen considered medium. I'm fine with the 1250, but the Evergreen had more features (ash pan, bypass, and better tolerances). AND, by its design, the Evergreen wall tolerances...