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    F-500 in need of love.

    I have an opportunity to purchase a neglected F-500. I know nothing about it, as I haven't seen it yet. I know it's difficult to put a number on something with such little information, but how much do you think this is worth? My plan is to refinish it and give it to my cousin. (I already own...
  2. Garraty47

    Replacing old Franklin with Hampton H300 vs Lopi Rockport vs Jotul F400

    Hi all, I’m a long time lurker, first time poster. I’d like to thank everyone on this forum for sharing your insights and experience with the community. This site has provided a lot of information, education, and inspiration. I would appreciate hearing your opinions about these three stoves as...

    Reason number 2 to keep ash door closed.

    So I know I'll get roasted here for posting this, but I will still post with the intention of helping others. Setup: hearth mounted Jotul F500,insulated 25'+ liner with tee and block off plate. So the other day I had a small bed of coals going and started to reload a full load of good sized...
  4. skeenut

    Jotul Oslo or Hearthstone Heritage or...

    Begreen asked that I start a new thread to address my stove selection. We live in Northwestern Jersey. By way of background: I've heated with wood for about thirty years and was always a Vermont Castings guy. Just downsized to a 1500sf ranch with a nice open floor plan. The kitchen, dining and...
  5. skeenut

    Used Jotul F500 questions, serial number look-up

    Hi all, I'm new to forum. Have heated with wood for about thirty years and was always a Vermont Castings guy. Just downsized to a 1500sf ranch with a nice open floor plan. The house came with a nicely installed 2004 Hearthstone Heritage that had been REALLY used. Warped door, missing grate...
  6. Bostonceltics151

    Jotul F500- Will it do the job?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and have been reading through a number of threads here trying to get some advice on my current situation; hoping for a little help. I just purchased a new Jotul F3 cb to heat the lower level of my house (a little larger than 1,200 sq ft) and also some...
  7. K

    Is this too much for a Jotul F 500 Oslo?

    Hi, I'm new to mountain living but learning fast. Since I'm living in the mountains full time I need to replace my "weekender" Franklin stove with something efficient to heat a 1300 sq foot 2 story cabin with high ceilings daily. The cabin walls are insulated, but the high ceilings are not. The...
  8. Sootfoot


    I've asked this question before. But I haven't received an creditable answer based on location of temperature. Forgive me if I'm being difficult.... Right now, as we speak , I have a bunch of small American elm 2-3" logs shoved onto a HOT bed of hard maple coals. My stove is so packed, I...
  9. trevarthan

    How to build a fire in a wood stove