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  1. P

    Waterford 100B question: firebrick lining

    I have an older Waterford 100B wood stove. It's enameled and my wife loves it. I need some of the ceramic liner bricks. Do I just take generic high temperature masonry blocks and fit them, or do I need to buy specific bricks? I'm in Europe, not in the USA Thank You.
  2. M

    Raising a Fireplace Xtrordinaire 430 DeLuxe

    My daughter has decided that she wants a gas insert for her fireplace. Her biggest "want" is the biggest viewing area and because she has a very low hearth that's maybe 2" above the floor, we're thinking about elevating the insert. I realize that however you raise the insert, the material should...
  3. K

    Why flames are hugging the back of the pellet stove?

    Hi folks, I have Whitfield WP 2 pellet stove from the early 1990s. Do you have any idea as to why the flames are hugging the back of the firebox? The picture is attached. I am suspecting some airflow issues. I have taken the firebricks, and air baffles out and cleaned them thoroughly. FYI, I...
  4. M

    Where to find 9" x 4" x 1.25" Firebrick? (Englander NC-30)

    Hi all, I got an Englander NC30. It's in good shape, but I accidentally broke some of the bricks during transport. For the life of me I can't find any replacements. Lowe's sells bricks, but they're 9 x 4.5 instead of 9 x 4 (even though their website describes them as 4" actual size... false...
  5. P

    Need to replace bricks in Kozy Heat Z42

    The time has come for me to replace some of the broken bricks in my Kozy Heat Z42 (installed in 2010). The bricks that sit on top are in the worst shape of all; crumbling and cracked. They measure 1.25" x 4.5" x 13.25". Can someone tell me where I can buy these? I have the means of cutting...
  6. J

    Woodstove doesn't heat any more

    Been running woodstoves (steel, cast iron, etc) since I was a child. Current stove is fairly small steel firebox (approx 24 x 20 x 10 firebox) When first installed 20 years ago that thing was hotter than hell. Once you got a good set of coals, you could throw some wood on it, close the air...
  7. Nofossil

    Source for High-temp firebrick splits

    I've turned a lot of refractory into gravel in my secondary combustion chamber over the years, and I've had a lot of trouble finding suppliers of high heat / high density firebrick. Because of the limited space in my secondary combustion, I need 'splits' - 1 1/4" thick bricks. For longevity, I...
  8. A

    Damaged Fire Brick

    Hey, I have an older regency r14 insert. After burning one day, I saw there there was a strange cement like deposit of the floor. I went to get it off and chipped a firebrick on the floor. The chip is about 1/4 in deep and 1/2 inch across. I plan on replacing the fire brick soon, but is...
  9. scivi92

    Lopi Answer Baffle

    I'm installing new firebrick and reinstalling the baffle s bar in my lopi answer stove. The manual doesn't show how the bar gets reinstalled, and it had fallen out when I was moving the stove. I'm uncertain how to reinstall it. Other Lopi models have a more descriptive manual, but do not match...