1. R

    For Sale Tarm 4.0 Pellet Boiler for sale - Running & in excellent condition -3500 OBO

    146000 BTU Output Pellet Boiler for Hot Water Baseboard System. Comfortably heating a large home. Also sized for a small business installation. - Runs on pellets or corn. - Hopper holds over 400 pounds of pellets for 3 day + capacity - Automatic low and high heat modes with multiple heat...
  2. R

    Harmon PF100 help

    We just moved into a house 3 weeks ago that has a Harmon PF100 furnace that was installed back in 2008. I'm having a heck of a time with this furnace and getting ready to call it quits with pellet heat. I had the place that installed it out to look at why it won't light and it lit for him...
  3. MissMac

    Question about HRV system

    Hey all, I’ve got a question for the very knowledgeable group about my current HRV set-up. A little bit of background first might be helpful: I have a propane furnace forced air set-up, an HRV system that is looped into the furnace duct work, and a wood stove. I try to keep the stove going...
  4. K

    Caddy wood add-on furnace help

    Hey all, We just bought a house in a colder climate and the heating system is a gas furnace with a Caddy add-on wood burning furnace. I'm a complete noob when it comes to this stuff so was hoping y'all could assist me in getting this running properly. I've started fires the past three days...
  5. G

    Who uses shelter wood/coal furnace?

    Just wondering if anyone uses a shelter and what they think of it. This is the first yr with this unit and im not sure if i like it , but dont want to give u ok on it yet, just not sure if im doin somethi g wrong ir what.
  6. S

    Agricola Supreme Wood/Coal burning cooktop

    Hello, I'm looking for any information on Agricola Furnaces and Stoves. I have one and can't seem to find much on these stoves! I'll post a photo. I'd love to find out what they are worth. Not looking to sell, it's an amazing piece for our cabin! Looking to collect more as I just aquired a 1930s...
  7. H

    Black tar in stovepipe?

    So I noticed this dripping from my stovepipe today. It's a very very sticky black tar leaking from the joints on my stove pipe. I know it's creosote but my question is why. I just cleaned my pipe and installed a new liner less than 2 weeks ago so everything is clean. I burn a hot fire and only...
  8. H

    Never seen a stove like this..?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the stove world and am hunting for a small stove for my tiny home. I stumbled upon this, which seems too large for my purposes, but I would be willing to restore and sell it. But, what is this? I've never even seen one shaped like this. Is it saveable/sellable? Any info...
  9. B

    PSG Caddy or Newmac?

    Hi guys, I'm new here and looking for some help/opinions on wood-oil combination furnaces. This summer, my wife and I will be building a house and we will be going with a wood/oil combination furnace, with wood being the primary source of heat. We are currently stuck between 2 contractors, one...
  10. P

    Burning Paper Logs

    Hello! I was wondering if their is a demand for an automated device that creates paper logs to be burned for heat in wood burning stoves/furnaces. The idea I have is that their is plenty of junk mail that gets sent to our houses. Instead of throwing it away my device would shred, compress...
  11. Gabriella McConnel

    Heat Exchangers (Stove vs. Furnace)

    Why are heat exchangers so much smaller on pellet stoves than they are on gas furnaces?