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    Fisher Help for an amateur

    Hi All! What a great forum! Never posted here before and I'm looking for some help. I tried to find my answers in previous posts without much luck, so I apologize if this a repeat. If so any help finding the previous thread would be very much appreciated. Anyhow, I saved a Fisher (i'm thinking...
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    Time for a chimney liner?

    My insurance company has said they won't insure my existing stove (too old and doesn't have an EPA rating), so I need a new stove and a WETT inspection (I'm in Canada). My current setup is a free standing wood stove in my basement. It connects to a masonry chimney like this: Unlike this...
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    How to connect a DVL clean out T to an insulated liner

    I am in the process of installing a Morso 6140 vented out the back through a masonry chimney. The chimney is in the center of the house and I am not sure of the clearance on the backside ( I know for sure it is at least 7in ) so I plan to use the DVL clean out T. The chimney is lined with the...
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    Wood stove rookie--questions on damper seal and insulation

    Hi all, I am just finalizing the installation of my new Ashley Hearth Fireplace Insert. A bit of background: I have an old stone fireplace with a 20 foot chimney chase. the chase is lined with clay, but am unsure of the condition of the clay. I installed a 20 foot flexible steel liner ( flexible...
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    Do I need an insulated liner for a Regency ci2700 insert?

    I just purchased a Regency ci2700 wood stove insert. I was charged $700 for a 25 foot, 6 inch liner, 16"x16" plate, and cap. My installation is scheduled for next week. While setting up the install, I asked if the liner was insulated and the installer informed me it wasn't and that an insulated...
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    Can I insulate a flexi liner with a ceramic blanket?

    I am installing a flexi chimney liner into an existing masonry chimney. The chimney is lined already with clay tile (it looks to be in good shape but hard to tell so we are using a stainless steel flexi liner kit), however the clay liner stops right at the pitch of the roof and the unlined brick...
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    Need advise on installing liner w/ or w/o insulation

    I've been a long time lurker of this website and I've read countless hours on the type of install to have but I am just tired and on a dead-end on what I should do. Here's some info on my situation: Raised ranch / split level Live in Connecticut. Last year temperatures went down as low as -11...