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  1. B

    New (to me) Quadrafire Mt Vernon AE Insert

    Hi - hope everyone is doing ok. I just got a pellet stove to replace my wood stove insert. I bought a used Quadrafire Mt Vernon AE insert that's a 2011 model. I am cleaning it out pretty thoroughly. Wanted to ask for some advice. What if any parts should I change while I have it on the in...
  2. rhanauer

    Pellet insert recommendations?

    This is my first post here! A tech at our local stove dealer just recommended this site to me. I'm looking to replace the 1998 Whitfield Advantage II insert that came with our house, as I'd like more efficiency & features (autostart, thermostatic control, airwash for glass). It was rated at...
  3. L

    Enviro m55 vs Lopi AGP pellet inserts

    please help. I’m not sure what pellet stove to buy, either the m55 or Lopi AGP. The store near me said the AGP is a better unit by far, but the M55 is more my style. Any ideas or alternatives? Thank you
  4. F

    Overcoming Bad Chimney Designs

    I have a fireplace that violates most of the rules discussed in this article: The firebox is a manufactured metal box about 18" deep and 42" wide with a triple lined straight flue pipe inside an uninsulated framed enclosure which is on the outside of...
  5. D

    St Croix York insert - #4 troubleshooting code ??

    Hello all, I have a St Croix York pellet insert from 2003 I believe. The stove recently stopped working and the #4 light is flashing on the stove's main board. The strange thing is this troubleshooting light sequence is not in the manual and I have never seen it. #3 is the low limit or POF...
  6. E

    1300sqfoot house w/basement

    I have a 1300 square foot house. I live in New York State putnum county where it can go down to 5 degrees or lower. The house has duct work in place already for forced air and central air. I installed a Harman p35i pellet stove in the living room which is centrally located in the house. Does...
  7. E

    New Pellet Stove with Strange Window Dirt

    I am new to pellet stove inserts. I know little to nothing other than what I read in my instruction booklet. I have a Harmon P35i stove and I started it for the first time yesterday and have been running it for 24 hours. I have tried various temperatures and feed rates and blower intensities to...
  8. webfish


    Pellet-burning appliances are simpler to operate and more convenient than other wood-burning appliances. In fact, they are almost as easy to use as gas, oil, or electric heaters. These stoves and inserts burn wood pellets—compressed wood which resembles rabbit food. Wood Pellets Typical...