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  1. S

    Broken piece attaching flue collar

    I bought an old VC Resolute. The bolts in the back to the flue collar and extension were corroded or cemented on. Could not apply any torque without stripping the head. I ended up having to drill out, but the screw forced the bit off a straight path. I tapped in new threads; due to the odd path...
  2. N

    VC 1977 Vigilant Misc Part Identification

    just purchased a house with a Vermont castings 1977 stamped vigilant wood burning stove. From what I can tell its in working order. Previous owner used it. Seals seam to be good (dollar test), no seam leaks i can find. I do see a small gap between the flue and collar that connects the pipe to...
  3. A

    Vermont Castings Resolute III Door Issue

    I was almost finished rebuilding my Resolute III when disaster struck...I broke a hinge off the right side door! I was in luck because I found someone on this forum that I got a door from...AWESOME! But, when I went to put the door on I noticed that the frame around the glass was different...the...
  4. A

    Vermont Castings Resolute III Rebuild we go! I bought an older VC Resolute III and upon my first fire...smoke leaked from everywhere! Rebuild time! This is my first attempt. I ordered a new gasket kit and new cement. Today I completely disassembled the stove & started removing the surface rust. This will be a tedious...
  5. S

    Resolute II Griddle - in search of

    Does anyone have an old Resolute II top griddle or know where I can purchase one? I cannot locate one anywhere. I'm in the process of restoring a Vermont Castings Resolute II wood stove. I've built one stove from two fair/poor condition stoves. The stove in worse shape is a Resolute I. This...
  6. R


    Hello every one, I have a VC RESOLUTE stove. Inside the date is 1979 and on the back it states that it was tested in September 1980. Does anyone know if this stove is EPA certified?
  7. T

    Thermometer placement

    I've read in my owners manual (VC resolute 2) that the best place for the thermometer is on the top of the right side, where the cross draft heat flows through. This is where I've placed it. However, I've also read some stove users don't even bother with a thermometer on the stove, and only use...
  8. T

    Bypass damper, overnight burn, creosote?

    Does running a VC resolute 2 (or the likes) through the bypass damper overnight create more creosote than if run with the damper open? Also, if I run through the bypass damper overnight, should I run it really hot the next morning to burn off any creosote?
  9. bmwloco

    18F, Envi logs

    Woke up at dawn; my old Resolute was still warm from the long burn. Tossed in the two Envi logs (one big one, one little one) and crumpled up yesterdays NY Times Travel section. Cracked the door a little, just enough to have a "lock" but not buttoned up. Made a pot of coffee... Within 10...