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  1. K

    Wood furnace warped - worth/safe to repair?

    Hi all, I was directed here after making a similar post elsewhere asking for opinions. Disclaimer; new to home owning, oil heating, and wood heat. We purchased our home last month and it has a combo oil/wood furnace heat system. We had a small flue fire last week, which prompted me to schedule...
  2. M

    Safety concern

    We just moved our son to our finished basement. He is sleeping in a separate room than the room down there with our wood burning stove. It has been months since we have had a fire, and when he wakes up in the morning his hair smells strongly of smoke. Is this a health concern? Our laundry is...
  3. cr0

    New BK Princess 29 asking for tips from a newbie

    Just got a BK Princess 29 insert for our first wood heating, to offset/replace electric heat-pump and baseboards. I'm hoping you all can answer some questions and point me to good starter guides for newbies, to help us get good habits for refilling and whatnot. I'd like to learn as much as I can...
  4. S

    This is a HEATFORM correct ?

    I’ve been doing all of the research I can hoping for a definitive answer as I’m planning on installing a wood burning stove insert come this summer In preparation for next winter. I believe what I have is a heatilator fireplace which is not a zero clearance fireplace and should be surrounded by...
  5. O

    USG Durock safe for fireplace wall?

    Hello all, Does anyone know or can anyone comment on whether or not it’s advisable to use USG Durock on a fireplace wall/surround as a substrate for stacked stone - specifically, above an EPA high efficient wood fireplace? I feel silly asking, but USG’s user guide specifically says that Durock...
  6. S

    Englander 28-3500 End of burn CO

    Hi All, I moved into a new home with an existing 28-3500 that is installed in a 12x20 basement (a basement under an addition that is not connected to the main basement) Blower is connected and ductwork runs to 3 vents upstairs and one vent to basement. Chimney is 24’ Selkirk that runs up the...
  7. bill3rail

    It's that time of year again. Danger lurks at each stove!

    Spotted this on another website (Not Pellet Related) and notified they need to have hopper lid for safety. Bill
  8. P

    Can I run chimney pipe along the floor?

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting one of these perhaps (the Z6): I am trying to figure out if it would be a good idea to run the chimney pipe out the back; down to the floor; under the sink and then up about a half a meter to...
  9. O

    Although I am freezing, I am a little bit afraid of my Schrock Coal Stove.

    My lightly used Shrock Coal Stove, made locally up the road by the Amish, is awaiting installation in the basement. I am sure it is a knock off of another brand. It is a simple, hopper feed type stove, with a shaker grate that you shake twice per day. There is an electric blower on the back...
  10. Patanna

    Warring Fireplace Experts...need advice

    I live in northeast Florida where it becomes chilly and sometimes cold. I have a zero clearance fireplace that I hate. My house is 2300 sq. ft. and was built in 2005. I'm not looking to heat the entire house, only to supplement the heat pump, mostly in the family room kitchen area where the...
  11. W

    Can (or should) this smoke chamber be salvaged?

    Hi folks, I bought a 1967 ranch house last year with an original masonry fireplace. The sellers had the flue relined with a stainless steel liner that looks to be about 12" diameter. The liner is (now) clean and in perfect condition. The firebox had a golfball-size hole in one of the front...
  12. C

    Is this Dutchwest safe?

    A few years ago I bought a house with a Dutchwest Convection Heater - model 2461. I have used the stove about 20 times over the past few years with no issues, but this year has been colder than usual and my wife has started complaining about the “smokey smell”. So I finally downloaded the...
  13. G

    Carbon monoxide leaking from wood stove?

    Hi, relatively new to heating with a wood stove. I moved into a new house a couple months ago that has an old Nashua wood stove in the basement. I've been burning wood for the last few weeks as the temperature drops. For safety, I have a combination CO/smoke detector in the basement and a Kidde...
  14. B

    Throwing sparks: 2010 Hampton Hi300

    Fellow Burners, Help. After loading stove this morning, noticed one and then two more a parks shooting out from vent above door. I shut her down immediately for safety concerns and called dealers. 1. Coals were still red from overnight. 2. Shut off blower, opened door, stirred coals, put in...
  15. M

    Drafting in a 5.5 Inch Liner on a 6 Inch Collar ( Jotul Oslo )

    Hey there, everybody. New to the forum, here, and having fun looking through all the conversation. I've spent a lot of time looking for an answer to my question below. I found a thread that I was hoping to have some updated info on ( it's 7 years old and equipment may have changed ). I've...
  16. M

    Newbie to forum looking for manual for Dovre heirloom Wood Stove Model 300 e

    We've had this wood stove since the winter of 1989 and it's still going strong. We are moving the stove from its current location and need the manual to look at the distance from a non- combustible wall. The stove pipe feeds out of the top of the stove through a thimble in our roof (the pipe...