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  1. M

    Paint peeling inside firebox

    I recently purchased a hearthstone shelburne. Followed the procedures for break in fires (had about 5), and have been slowly learning how to use. I’ve been very careful on not trying to overheat, although I had one nervy moment where it got to around 550 (though I’m seeing it’s likey not a big...
  2. N

    Final Decision (indecision!) between Jotul F55, Hearthstone Shelburne or Manchester, and Woodstock Ideal Steel

    Hi Folks! Coming in for a landing on a final decision about my stove purchase :). Based on all the feedback on this forum I think I'm going to stay away from the F500 Oslo v3. I don't really want to spend that much money on a new stove and potentially have to do things like plug the ashpan...
  3. N

    Hearthstone Manchester or Shelburne for a 1200-1800Sqft home? Or other recommendations, needs to be REAR-VENTing

    Hi all! Recently purchased a new home and we are replacing a problematic stove (missing some parts etc). We have a chimney build into the home with a large (8"?) diameter hole for a stove pipe vent to be attached to it and that's how the last stove was, so we are looking for wood stoves with...
  4. N

    Hearthstone Shelburne 8372 Operation

    I haven't found any reviews or feedback on this stove and I've had a couple of people reach out with questions about my experience with it, so I figured I'd do my part and contribute what I've learned so far. Stove: 2021 Hearthstone Shelburne (8372) Flue Exit: Rear Chimney: Exterior masonry...
  5. S

    Hearthstone Shelburne vs. Woodstock Fireview ?

    Time for a new stove.. I’m heating a 1500 sq ft cape in New England looking to use as primary heat but do have back up propane, between these two beautiful stoves what is important to me is burn time, we are gone from the house for 9 hrs through the day and of course then overnight burns...
  6. BeachBumm

    Hearthston's "Shelburne" or Blaze King's Ashford 20"?

    After a lot or reading and asking questions we are down to the final decision for a new stove. As a last ditch effort - which stove is the best l-o-n-g term quality, easiest to use, best for keeping the chimney clean, most durable and simplest parts, etc? As always, all the stoves available...
  7. Y

    Ready to Buy A New Stove! Seeking Opinions and Advice

    Hi! I posted back in Oct. 2014 about my old Treemont stove which has some issues. The common consensus was that it probably should be retired.... it had a good run, it doesn't owe me anything. I did get another season out of it and it's burning right now but I'm ready to replace it.... several...
  8. Y

    Ready to Buy A New Stove! Seeking Opinions and Advice

    Trying to delete this post. I accidentally posted twice. New post 11/24/2015