Paint peeling inside firebox

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Nov 18, 2022
Upstate NY
I recently purchased a hearthstone shelburne. Followed the procedures for break in fires (had about 5), and have been slowly learning how to use. I’ve been very careful on not trying to overheat, although I had one nervy moment where it got to around 550 (though I’m seeing it’s likey not a big deal based on other threads).

My issue now is it seems like there’s paint or some material starting to peel away inside the box. Is this Normal? What could be causing it/should I be concerned? I’ve attached a photo.

Paint peeling inside firebox
Totally normal occurrence. Inside that firebox is a very harsh environment. No paint will hold up in those conditions. At the end of the burning season you can wire brush & re-paint for aesthetics, but it’s gonna keep on happening.
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