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  1. bikeshopguy345

    Did I buy the wrong stove?

    The situation: I live in North MS in a 1500sq.ft. ranch style home. We are on our first season with the Vermont Castings Aspen C3. We bought the stove with the intention of supplementing our 3ton heat pump central unit when the temps get below freezing. We really like the stove. It looks...
  2. chichas

    Blaze King Sirocco 20 Issue

    I have 2 BK Sirocco 20's. One is three years old and in the lower level of my home and the other on the main level I purchased brand new in October 2017. When I start a fire in the older stove, it appears to draft and light just fine like my new one. What I'm noticing is that the catalyst on my...
  3. Chamel

    Sirocco 30: Can I Burn With The Ash Channel Seal In Place?

    Hi everyone! I'm ready to break in my Sirocco as soon as cooler weather comes in (probably this weekend.) My only concern left is can I burn the stove with the ash channel seal in place? I can't seem to fine a definite answer to this. The stove came shipped with a metal bottom plate with four...
  4. Chamel

    Condar Flueguard thermometer installed in telescoping DVL?

    I finally got my pipes installed on my Sirocco 30. I'm excited! :) The last decision before I fire it up is should I install a condar flueguard thermometer. I'm still on the fence. The only thing stopping me is will smoke etc. leak around the hole in the pipe? It's installed in the living room...
  5. Chamel

    Sirocco 30 How connect stove collar to DVL Chminey?

    Hi everyone! My sirocco 30 just arrived! :) I'm trying to figure out how much pipe I will need but I'm having trouble fitting the DVL stove adapter to the stove collar. I tried fitting my adjustable 12'' piece of DVL and it fits really nicely to the bottom of the stove collar. So my questions...
  6. tuuli

    Jotul 602/Morso Squirrel vs BK Sirocco 20

    I've read a bunch around here, and wanted to ask your opinions. Heating a roughly 256sq ft room with plenty of ventilation and solidly insulated (either rigid board or wool), I realize that most of my options are overkill. From what I've calculated, I only need roughly 12k btu/hr for that space...