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    Wood stove chimney liner potential issue?

    Hey all! I posted a little while back about installing a jotul into by existing old masonry chimney (no existing clay flue). I managed to get a flexible ss liner that is insulated with the 1/2 blanket down the chimney and connected into the top of my wood stove. My issue is the liner seems to...
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    Jøtul 602 in old masonry chimney

    Hi! First time posting to this forum. I have a Jøtul 602 that fits nicely into the firebox of my existing and very old masonry chimney. Can I run a stainless steel flexi liner all the way from the top vent of the wood Stove to the top of the chimney using one of those flexi liner kits? If so is...
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    Well.... no tee clean out cap on SS Liner

    Hello, I am new to wood burners and this site but hopefully someone can give me some advice. My problem, So i recently had to reinstall a SS liner down my unlined interior chimney for a wood burning stove. I insulated the liner and added a SS Tee with clean out but my friend who was helping...
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    Regency Hearth Heater ( H2100M )Installation

    Is there a secret to removal of metalbest once locked down? I opened up the wall (corner) giving myself plenty of room to grab the pipe and turn counter-clockwise but there was not a hint of it budging. DO I need to use a thin bee keepers pry bar to perhaps break a creosote seal inside or what...
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    Broken chimney flex liner advice

    So long story short I just bought a home with a wood furnace in the basement. Due to a lazy home inspector I was unaware that the clay liner in the chimney is cracked and broken until I started to clean and inspect myself. So I now need to install a stainless steel flex liner. My chimney is...