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    How to (safely) connect tee to Duravent insulated wall pass through

    I finally got all the parts (hopefully) I need to install a glue liner in a masonry chimney. I went with DVL stove pipe and Duraflex liner. Since I’m going through a combustible wall to the chimney I purchased an insulated wall pass through...
  2. L

    Help identifying insulated chimney pipe 8" I'd 10"od

    Hi hearth folks, I'm in desperate need of a clean out tee for my chimney stack and in order to find one I have to identify the type of pipe it is. Pictures are attached below. It's stainless chimney insulated 8" Id and 10" od. Also where does one buy 8" chimney products in Ontario Canada. Seems...
  3. S

    6 inch SS single wall tee snout to single wall 6 inch stove pipe exact same size

    Hello, maybe one of you guys can help me gain some wisdom by not making a mistake first. What do i need to connect a 6 inch diameter tee snout to a 6 inch black stove pipe? At first glance I thought I could just put the male end of the stove pipe into the tee snout but they are exactly the...
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    Well.... no tee clean out cap on SS Liner

    Hello, I am new to wood burners and this site but hopefully someone can give me some advice. My problem, So i recently had to reinstall a SS liner down my unlined interior chimney for a wood burning stove. I insulated the liner and added a SS Tee with clean out but my friend who was helping...
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    Cannot remove this duravent cleanout plug

    The house I bought this past summer has a winslow ps40 pellet stove which has been running great. I would like to remove the cleanout Tee but having difficulty. I can turn it clock wise about an inch or so but can't get any other movement. I assume I should be pulling it strait down after...
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    Stove connection

    I was planning on going from the stove to the tee, then liner and up the chimney to the cap. However, I have a few questions. -Once the tee is in the collar, how far in should it go? Is there always a small lip there acting as a stop and just touch that and you are good? -Does the end going...