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  1. V

    Uncapped thimble on gas flue

    I have a flue with a terracotta lining that vents a propane heat stove on the first floor of the house. On the second floor of the house theres an old thimble to this flue that had a very old pie plate cover that was cracked. I took it off and would like to cover the hole with just wood paneling...
  2. J

    Rebuilding Chimney Conduit after Foundation Repairs

    Hello fellow homebuilders/renovators, I recently had to repair some foundation cracks in my home, which required the removal of a 10-foot brick wall in the basement. As a result, I need to rebuild the wall and, more importantly, reinstall the chimney conduit properly. I have two chimneys in my...
  3. S

    Looking for a pellet stove thimble for a Pellet Vent Pipe 5 5-inch outer diameter.

    I have a Jamestown J1000 that came with an OEM pellet vent pipe that is designed to vent and draw in air as well. The inner diameter is 3 inches and the outer diameter is 5 inches. I'm having a really hard time finding a thimble for it. Any suggestions?
  4. gillfinn

    Upland 17, thimble question.

    Hello, I'm doing a garage install and I have an Upland 17 and I'm wondering what type of thimble would be best for my situation? It seems to be pretty straight forward, through the plywood siding with vinyl on the exterior. I have J-channel to finish off the exterior, it just seems there are...
  5. N

    What kind of thimble do i need?

    Hello, here is how my chimney guy left things after installing the new 6” stainless steel liner: What do i need to buy to connect my stove pipe safely to this? It will be going through a completely non-combustible wall (steel studs, cement board, thin brick). The threads i’ve read are all...
  6. R

    help please hearth pad and new stove thimble questions

    Hi everyone please let me know if you know of 5 foot by 4 foot hearth (hearth pad?) Wood stove will be Lopi Endeavor (nex gen) because they don’t sell the regular endeavor anymore i guess. Original builder here has beautiful pine walls (knotty pine?) it’s tongue and groove. The wall the wood...
  7. M

    Help! This thimble ain't simple!

    Dear All, My first post! Thanks for all the great info I've found here while researching a replacement stove! But now that I've got one I'm running into trouble! While swapping out our old Firelight 12 for a new-to-me 2012 Jotul F500 Oslo, I discovered the fireclay thimble was cracked and...
  8. T

    Need advice on pellet stove

    I just purchased a new home and am interested in getting a pellet stove. The previous owners had a pellet stove, so we have the vents/intake needed. Here's where I ran into a problem. So, I am interested in getting a Harman stove, as that's the type stove I had growing up. It's been going strong...
  9. M

    Need help! Removed pellet stove and hole in vinyl siding

    I sold our pellet stove as we didn't use it (previous owner purchased). After removing the stove, thimble, and pipe; I now have a hole in the siding which we can't replace to match. I was thinking of installing a new 'faux' thimble with a cap on the opening but can't figure out where to find a...
  10. rtrev37

    Masonry wall adaptor and insulation or leave as is?

    Hello, I am installing a new masonry double wall adaptor (for a wood stove) into my new 6 inch chimney liner that is also a double wall or smooth wall liner. As you can see from the pic, there is a 1" or so gap between the new chimney liner and the previous (larger) liner I had before. Once I...
  11. C

    thimble and safety

    hello, I just did a straight out the wall installation to my new pellet stove. its about 4 inches from back of stove to the wall. I used the supplied thimble. I normally have gone out the roof but thought it would be less of a challenge with roof repair to go out the wall this time. the pipe...
  12. M

    5" single wall pipe/2x4 wall thimble

    hello all, I'm installing a Jotul 602 using 5" single wall pipe in a tiny house on wheels. How do I go through the 2x4 frame wall? CC
  13. J

    Clay thimble, block chimney. I’m about to give up. Send help!

    Been in the house for a year. And, last winters propane costs about killed me. I got the “contents” of the newly remodeled house with the purchase. In the garage was a nice looking wood stove (turns out it’s a Chinese’s knock of of a VC difiant). This year I’m determined to burn wood in lieu...
  14. N

    New to the sport- terracotta questions

    I have read both a ton of info about some using liners, and some not. Not the question, as we willing be using a stainless liner. We have a terracotta lined fireplace in the basement that is enormous, and we want to add a freestanding wood stove. We had the chimney inspected, and is in good...
  15. Scott Pond

    Moving the thimble 6" only on inside of wall?

    Hey folks. Fairly new hear, but hope you can help me out. I am renovating a room that has my Eco 65 in it. The stove is located in a corner and the thimble was installed butting up against the corner of two walls. I have added 6" depth to all the walls which now means that the inside of the...
  16. Iburnslow

    Thimble Sizing Question; 3 or 4 inch?

    I've had a Harman for years. I originally installed it direct through the wall in my old house. Moved it to my new house and vented it up the chimney with flex pipe. Now, I'm moving it to my family room out of the chimney. It will go direct through the wall again, but it's been years since I've...
  17. class A andre

    class A pipe as a wall thimble

    Just bought a house that has an exterior cinder block chimney and with a clay thimble...not enough clearance around the clay thimble, so I'm replacing it. If I try to install any of the standard thimbles insul-flu, saf t, I will have to remove all combustibles and put a hole through the wall as...