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New Member
Dec 7, 2018
hello, I just did a straight out the wall installation to my new pellet stove. its about 4 inches from back of stove to the wall. I used the supplied thimble. I normally have gone out the roof but thought it would be less of a challenge with roof repair to go out the wall this time.

the pipe is so hot though (not red or anything) and I am just nervous in CA with all the fires that I want to be safe with my home. is the thimble fine as is through the wall with the heat?

Is there special insulation I should use around the thimble or extra added safetey in the wall that it passes through to reassure myself.

Lastly do I need to be cautious of creosite (I have read) and if so any advice/tips so appreciated.

Keep California safe everyone, its scary these days!

Much appreciated for your advice and wisdom.
As long as you installed it per instructions, you should be fine as there should be sufficient dead air space between thimble pipe and wall material. There can be some creosote, but no like if you are burning wood. And since you are straight out the wall, you have less pipe for build-up. I have been burning since 2005. Same wall thimble and no creosote issues. Stay warm. kap