1950s Concrete Block Fireplace with Missing Stack Above Roofline

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Feb 23, 2024
Bradenton, FL
The stack was removed when a new roof was placed on. The chimney is intact from the roof down and is quite substantial. It was our plan to completely remove it. However with it beginning so big it’s quite expensive and structural so we are keeping it. Is there a way we can simply vent it without rebuilding a brick or block stack on top of our metal roof? Before our demo project we did run gas to it as my sinus don’t appreciate wood burning. We want it now for most the romance of it and for no practical purpose. lol

Thank you for your help. Also recommendations on contractor in my area. We seem to have mostly sweepers here.

71942577098__8E51F10E-AA29-4F22-9083-767B126D42DD.jpeg 71942575181__298A2EAF-A08C-47E9-AE97-9C626872D59F.jpeg 71942578040__E549BBD7-9B80-4FFE-975D-0491EAD97619.jpeg


It can be done with a masonry to Class A Chimney Adapter kit. Google it & then perform a search for an NFI Certified Hearth/Chimney Specialist…

Does that mean I would NOT have to add a full vented or not vented fireplace insert to my large concrete block fireplaces? I keep getting told that I do and it doesn’t make sense. My fireplace box is way more substantial and heat resistant than any box insert … why would it be necessary?

If I don’t you are the morale booster I needed. :)

Thank you
If you install a vented appliance you will need to add a section of chimney thru the roof & meet the 10/2/3 rule. If you add a house-vented (not vent free & not recommended ) appliance, you won’t need the chimney