2023/24 VC Temperature discussion thread

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I thought the same thing the other night, and it showed me what I know. Same batch of wood as previous burns that had me feeling good. Reloaded over a good hot coal base that burned down after cat reaching peak temps and dropping to just below 900. Left the air wide open after reload and engaged the cat with the box roaring. Watched the cat temps slowly drop into the 600's where in the past it would rise and I could shut the air back and not have to do any adjustments. It did rebound and give me a good overnight burn but it's a good thing I reload a couple of hours before bedtime to allow for any problems.
This was a lesson that seemed to evade me for quite awhile. Load the stove a couple hours before bed to allow for any problems. I have found at the 1.5 hour to 2 hour mark is where things will go south if they are going to go south.