2023/24 VC owners thread general discussion

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Yes ash is better. If bought a bottle of Rutland glass cleaner 10 years ago and then I discovered ash and water. Still have over 1/2 a bottle. If it does not come off with a bit of scrubbing I leave it for about few more hot burns.
I find the same thing as @arnermd. My glass doesn't stay the cleanest but at the end of most burns I go full air and get it clean enough. If I kept my air open enough to keep the glass clean, I would roast out of my house. It only gets black when I do a low overnight burn.
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Dogwood winter is here so the stove is hot again! Mowed grass yesterday and fired up the stove last night. Burned a 1/2 box with the cat in the 1200's when I reloaded at 10PM. I let the cat run and cut the air to about 40% then cut it back when the cat was in the high 1400's. Good burn and plenty in the box at 8 this morning, cat and STT at 370. Opened the air and let the glass burn off then cut the air to 50% and went out. Came back about 11 and reloaded about 1/2 box, cat was in the high 500's. Let the cat run to 100 and cut the air back to about 40% and sat back and enjoyed the heat. Cat ran into the 1500's and then settled and slowly dropped. Stove is running like it should, totally behaving and enjoyable.