4th year update

mwk1000 Posted By mwk1000, Jan 11, 2013 at 10:41 AM

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    Nov 12, 2008
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    Mostly good, runs steady. still happy to have it. Settled to a good routine but I thought I would give some feedback on the things that time needed to test.

    The Tank, In 2008 I built a 1600 Gal DIY out of cinder block, layers of 2" extruded foam board, and a 2x4 frame top.The last minute add during construction of polyisocyanurate Insulation was a minor disaster this year. It absorbed water and the cover layer sagged and disintegrated into the water continually blocking the flow. Had to pull the cover and what a cleanup mess ! Drained the tank and used waiders in the hot water to start getting the small bits out. Two full trach cans later it was clean, the origional extruded foam looked brand new so I just sealed it back up without the poly refilled and we are working again. Write that one up as a bad idea that cost a days hot labor and many days of "what happened last night ?" when looking at the charging temps.

    The controller, A custom built arduino with a home witten program. ( Posted in the wiki for anyone to use ) One lockup in 4 years so not too bad. I'v been through 4 OS'es on the computer it connects to with little problem keeping it up. I've made a small version for my iphone that is open to see at http://mwkigw01.dyndns.org:26/mobile.shtml. That's been great works from anywhere, even when I'm away working I can keep tabs.

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