Rebound Effect on Insulating Homes

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Agreed peakbagger, though there are exceptions. When single-stream is done by non-landfill-owning contracting firms, a lot more responsible recycling can happen. In King County, Recology does the transfer station recycling. They have to pay for anything that goes to the landfill so the motivation to keep it out is high. They do a better job and are much more transparent about what goes where.
IIRC, the difference was HUGE, like 50%... not easily accounted for by a few degrees difference in tstats.
WOW. Behavior matters a LOT, apparently.
Our house with the heatpump heating is the same guests or not. We like it to be around 71-73º in the daytime regardless of the heat source. After midnight the HP sets back to 67º, back up to 70º at 7am, and 71º after 4pm. Normally I have a fire going and it sits idle, but if it wants to come on, so be it.
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I spent quite a bit insulating my house, adding heat pumps everywhere, led bulbs , adding a huge solar array. My energy costs basically went to zero and because of all the incentives the pay off for these improvements will be maybe 3 or 4 years. But I have found there is a lot of energy use creep. My house is always comfy now whereas before it was always boiling or freezing.