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    I asked Central Hudson Gas and Electric for some information on their support of Green energy choices. Here is their response:
    Some of the link information provided is interesting

    Thank you for your note regarding renewable energy. This is a topic of great interest to us, and increasingly to our customers.

    Central Hudson no longer generates power, but rather purchases electricity on behalf of its customers on the wholesale market. (Under deregulation of the electric industry in New York, utilities no longer own or operate power plants. By law, these plants were divested, and are now owned by independent companies. Utilities are now delivery companies, and transport electricity and natural gas obtained from the wholesale market through their network of electric and gas lines).

    This wholesale market does not identify the source of power until many months later - the electricity is assigned to our area on the basis of geography, the status of transmission lines and generating plants, costs, and other factors. Wind, solar, hydro and biomass are included in the energy mix we receive, along with power from fossil fuels and nuclear sources (which make up the majority of power sources). Although Central Hudson is not presently permitted to own generation, we still operate several small hydroelectric facilities, located in the Hudson Valley, that provide between one and two percent of our customers' energy demands. The New York State Public Service Commission publishes the energy mix provided to utilities - the latest data is from calendar year 2005. For Central Hudson, that data is available at the following link: http://www3.dps.state.ny.us/E/EnergyLabel.nsf/Web+Enviromental+Labels/A2255409BDB2210B8525725100710A7A/$File/CENHUD.PDF?OpenElement. Data for other utilities is also available at this site.

    With the exception of hydro power, which produces about 18 percent of electricity in the state, renewable energy makes up a small proportion of total energy production in New York, but is growing. Although Central Hudson does not own generation, our holding company, CH Energy Group, has invested in several renewable energy projects, including two wind farms, a biomass plant, and an ethanol plant, through a second, unregulated subsidiary. Tax and other incentives have increased interest in renewable energy projects, and investment in renewable facilities is growing.

    Central Hudson has also taken several environmental initiatives, such as use of biodiesel in its utility fleet, and voluntarily extending its net metering program to include additional participation. More information on these initiatives, as well as how you can support renewable energy, is available on our web site: http://www.centralhudson.com/energy_choice/green_energy.html.
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