Central Hudson Electric Supply Rates More Than Doubled 2/10/2022

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Feeling the Heat
May 4, 2008
Catskill Mountains
If your debating to use any form of Electric Heat versus Pellets, I strongly suggest burn the pellets. At the current time do not use any electric heat. Do not use electric heat pumps.

Central Hudson just increased their Electric Supply rates from $.08 per KWh to $.22 per KWh on 2/10/2022. That is a 2.5 times increase. The $.22 per KWh does not include the electric delivery KWh charge. Basically Central Hudson power company in the Hudson Valley of upstate NY is economically crazy high, which will have a significant impact on residents and any business. See graph in this link. Let us know if your electric company has done the unthinkable by doubling price.

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Dan Freeman

Feeling the Heat
Dec 3, 2021
Wow! That is quite a jump in prices. We have Met Ed where we are in PA. Right now, we are paying .074 per KWH and .054 per KWH for the distribution and a few other monthly charges like "Customer Charge" (?), Distribution System Improvement Charge, and Default Service Support Charge. Our bill for last month was $230.24. I remember just a few years ago to get a bill over $100 was a lot. I was watching one of the major networks the other night (don't remember which one) and they had a piece about NY'ers screaming that their electricity charges doubled in one month.


Feeling the Heat
May 4, 2008
Catskill Mountains
Welcome to the real world
you should see our Hydro bills
How much do you pay per KWh in Canada where you live ?

BTW Central Hudson is owned by Canadian Fortis company. When Fortis bought Central Hudson all the executives got huge $10 million dollar parachute deals.


Minister of Fire
Dec 19, 2009
Eastern Ontario
How much do you pay per KWh in Canada where you live ?
That sir is a loaded question
It depends on where you live.
I am a rural user (Farm) but being a farm makes no difference
Off-peak 8 cents per kwh
mid-peak 11.3 per kwh
peak 17 per kwh
Then add in the delivery fee of 4.60 per 750 kwh works out to 36% of your bill
Regulatory taxes
GST (aka Grab and Screw Tax) Sales tax
And what do you know add it all up and you get a bill like mine of about 270$ a month.
and we are not big users
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