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    Hi! I just bought a house with a majestic 39BDVTRN corner vented gas fireplace-- and the builder can't find the directions! I need to know if there's any "magic", or rules to follow when I move and clean the burner-- how is the "ember" material supposed to be placed, etc. Also, is it OK to buy those fake pine cones and put them on the logs? Any help would be appreciated! JOHN


    The builder MUST provide you with operating and installation instructions. If he cannot get them, try the Majestic site at http://www.majesticproducts.com

    In most cases, pine cones and other add-ons should not be used with factory-built gas fireplaces. These add-ons are designed for use with vented gas logs installed into existing wood fireplaces.

    The ember material usually goes on top of the burner - sometimes there is a pan for it to sit in..but PLEASE get the manual to see how it is done correctly.
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