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    Your site has a wealth of information - in fact to much for to be able to find an answer to my question. I received a catalog featuring a ventless free standing fireplace that uses "smokeless, odorless, non-toxic, jelled alcohol fuel." We live in a parsonage without a fireplace and cannot make major alterations to home which belongs to the church. Is this type of fireplace safe? What other options do we have in order to have a fireplace in our home? Thank you for your time Dori Richardson


    Dori, the current crop of alcohol fireplaces are quite safe, as they use a small "sterno-like" canned fuel. However, they do not have a fire that is realistic. Your other alternatives are:

    1. Electric Fireplace - also not totally realistic, but some newer models (from Heat n' Glo or Innohearth) are quite nice.

    2. Gas Fireplace - If there is gas in the home., this could be an option. Some renovations are needed to put this in, but it would be a good addition to the home. Some models do not need a chimney (Vent-Free), and for occasional use can be OK.

    Others are vented direct out through a wall, so it's not a big job.

    You'll find a lot of info on the site about these appliances.
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